What Exactly Is

The Google Adwords Network?

The Google Adwords Network is an advertising platform made up of two distint networks:

1) Search Network

2) Display Network

These two networks are where your adwords ads are displayed or shown to prospective clients.

Clients receiving your ads can be on any of the following:

1) Google sites

2) Partner Sites

3) Mobile Phone Apps


Search Network

Your ads can appear on the following:

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Play
  • Google Maps
  • Search Sites That Partner with Google

Display Network

  • Google Sites Like YouTube
  • Blogger
  • Gmail
  • Partner Websites Across The Internet

Ad Formats

Text Ads – The most common type of search ad which includes:

  • Descriptive Headline
  • Website URL
  • Descriptive Text – Like a call to action

Ads With Extensions – They provide extra information to your text ad such as you company’s phone number or address

They are shown:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network – Depends on the extension used

Responsive Ads

The display network serves ads that adjust automatically to match the page content on which they are shown. Viewers on a particular page are more likely to see the ads because they blend into the page content for which they were searching. Responsive adsĀ  can help drive awareness, influence, consideration and drive action.

They are shown:

  • Display Network

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads contain not only an image but product and pricing information. Users thus get a better sense of the product you’re selling before clicking on the ad. These types of ads are ideal for managing a large inventory of products.

They are shown:

  • Google Shopping (select countries)
  • Google Search
  • Google Search Partner websites
  • YouTube
  • Google Image Search (select countries)

Image Ads

Image ads capture your audiences attention while they browse your website on the Google Display Network.

They are shown:

  • Google Search Partner Networks*
  • Google Display Network

* Cavaet – Image ads show on search partner networks but ont on the Google Search Network

Video Ads

Video ads are exactly what they sound like. They can be a video ad that is separate or a video ad that can be part of another video.

They are shown:

  • Partner Search Networks
  • Display Network

* Video ads show on search partner networks but not the Google Search Network

App Promotion Ads

App promotion ads send your potential customers to an app store to download your app. They can include a deep link directly to your app.

They are shown:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network

Call Only Ads

Call only ads allow your customers to get in touch with your company by simply clicking on your ad. They are perfect to driving phone calls to your business from devices that can make calls

They are shown:

  • Search Network

Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads are engaging ad formats that can include animation or other forms of motion.

  • Google Display Network

So to recap, Google search and display networks offer your business options for advertising. Based on what your promoting or selling you may choose one network over the other depending on the ad type that your trying to run. In some cases like with a text ad you have the ability to run it on both networks while a video ad can only be run on the display network. Give careful consideration as to what type of ad best serves your need. Often we find that experimenting with different ad types and networks is a good idea to focus in on your target demographic.


May 22, 2018
Glenn Hall


Google Adwords