I Thought You Should Be Aware

Warning! Scam Website

I just saw this Face Book Advertisement listing kayak’s for an incredibly low price of $99. Is this deal to good to be true? We’ll you know what they say…. Read on for my evaluation

Site: paceshopy.com


Whois Info – Find out who the site owner is and how old a domain is

Check For Scam Website To See If paceshopy(.)com is legit.

Break Down The Scam Site

It’s the detail that leads you to determine that this has to be a scam site. Here’s what to look for.

Several things didn’t add up when I started looking at this site.

As you can see by looking at my screen clippings above and my descriptions to the right, the site is giving a heads up that something isn’t quite right.

Check Pricing Using Google

Do a Google Shopping search to see what the current street price is for the item. In this case the price difference is HUGE!

Fake Review Stars

Those stars are fake. They do not link to a Google review. Yet another indicator this site is bogas.

Verify With Another Site

You can do a search on the site name and the word review(s) to see if you can find anything. When I did this I found a trust site which rates this website as questionable.

Look At Social Links

It could be an oversight by the webmaster but it’s a good indicator that things aren’t adding up. They all point to the website not a social site.

Low Res Images

Look at the images used on the site. Several, including the company logo are low resolution (blurry). No self respecting sales site would allow blurry images.

Still Too Good To Be True

I found a site selling just the motor console for the Old Town Predator XL. So just the motor console is retailing for $1,199.99


Motor Console Retails for $1,199.99

More Evidence Of A Scam Site

Kayak Ships For Free?

OK seriously, are you telling me my $99 dollar kayak which weighs in at a hefty 96 lbs is going to ship for free? Come on guys! What a great Deal = NOT!

My advice?

If it’s too good to be true do your research before you rush in and press the buy button.


Author, PlanNet Technologies, Inc.