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Is Your Website Making You Money?

Website design aloneĀ  won’t get you on page one of Googles search results.

Google Page One, Are You There?

It’s pretty obvious that getting your business on page one of the Google search results is what you want but how do you get there? Do you simply need a newly designed website? NO! Not always. Do you need more content, probably but that’s not but a piece of the puzzle. Does your site need to be mobile friendly? Certainly it does but no, that’s not all of it either.

We can get you started in the right direction. If it were simple then everyone would be on page one, right? Simply put it’s not any one thing that get’s you on page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. It’s a lot of little things that get you page one prominence.

Where Do You Rank Now?

Most business website owners don’t even know where they currently rank for their product or services most important key phrase.

Do You Know What Your Most Important Key Phrase Is?

We can help guide you through setting up your website for success. We’ll talk about your business and find out what people are searching for and get you ranking for those products or services. Knowing what key phrases Google see’s in searches the most is just one of the keys to unlocking your websites potential.

Did You Know Order Plays A Part In Search Results?

The order of the words used in the key phrase is important. Do you know which order scores the most searches for your product or service? That’s where we come in. Don’t miss out by choosing the wrong order.

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